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I'll design you a profile picture based on the one on the right - you choose the accent colour and the letters and I'll do the rest. If you want any special changes, just ask!
Custom Linux OS (built using
Tell me what apps you want, and any custom features or changes, and I'll try to build something personal to you. Default wallpaper that you love? No problem.
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Send me a photo to improve and I will do so. If you think it could be better, just tell me and I'll continue until you're happy!

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United Kingdom
Shouldn't standard users get symbols too? If you agree with me and many other deviants, install and support my leaf symbol inspired SparrowWrightheart!…
That weird stuff above is for an addon I'm making for Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey. It means you can customize your dA profile in CSS and then other people can see it!
Note me or visit the userscript page for how to use it.

I'm a coder, photographer, gamer, Linux-user, deviantART user. Sounds cool? Why not +watch me!
If you give me a llama and I don't give one back, just ask! I don't mind.


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    Donated Feb 3, 2013, 7:02:22 PM
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    Donated Jan 16, 2013, 7:49:44 PM

Update: Now available to play online at ! Please tell me what you think

OK, here's a preview of a game I made over the course of today and yesterday (which I will probably be releasing tomorrow):

Magic Hexagon preview by DevilishDB

I'm not giving much more away, but I hope you like it!
If, when it's released, you do like it, please consider supporting donating using either deviantART points or Flattr. This means that I can get a laptop, rather than working on a 5-year-old desktop with 2GB ram, and make more great games and apps like this.

As I said, I'll probably be releasing it some time tomorrow (UK time i.e. BSD), so it won't be too long before you can play it! When it's live, it'll likely be at:… (currently this will just redirect you back to this journal).

Tell me what you think in the comments! Hope you enjoy (in advance).


CloudDesk v8 - New UI Preview by ntim007
by ntim007

It's a beautiful update to CloudDesk, I really like it. The new menu at the top is much more efficient than having 2 menus which have t...

Cuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter

I love it is the simple thing that I can really say, it is just so epic and I'm so glad you haven't watermarked it. It looks simply stu...

Online Windows 8 v2 by ntim007
by ntim007

It is a very nice web app and I like it a lot. But on the other hand it has lots of things that don't work - like the search, settings ...

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ntim007 dakoder simobortolo Started on a new HTML5/JS desktop today, hopefully it won't be discontinued in one week like virtually all of my other projects... I'm aiming not for it to be like Galaxy html OS - but more like a platform for other people to build on. So the first thing I might do is make it run CloudDesk apps! (Remember I was going to do that with some Galaxy OS version?... but then abandoned it) Anyway, here's a first look:

Maybe you could let CloudDesk users choose a desktop environment, like in Linux??? As in, downloads from the CloudDesk app store. (Examples of Linux desktop environments - Google SmartSearch them - GNOME 3, LXDE, KDE etc.) Just an idea, anyway.
Looks nice ! Sorry I didn't notice the mention earlier (I recommend sending notes, it's more noticeable).

Anyways, in case you wanna make running CloudDesk apps possible. You should limit which apps can be used. Only a limited set of apps will be allowed (copyright issues otherwise).

Well, choosing a desktop environment would require lots of maintenance works. Besides, symbiose web OS already does that.
Wow Symbiose is awesome! I've used the GNOME desktop and Elementary OS before in Linux distros, the online attempts to re-create them are pretty good! (Not quite up-to-date though in terms of GNOME...) Are the task manager and browser OK? (i.e. ones that you made)
Sure, but add an info icon in the titlebar buttons showing app info (author, source, ...)
simobortolo Apr 6, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I see what I can do;) I can give you the files to Google Search and Maps 2.0 and 2.0.1 (though there are some bugs that I have no desire to fix) and my app Unit Converter and Calculator (where the Unit Converter has been done in collaboration Ntim007 and there is a bug in the temperature conversion) and if you want i can give you the files of the plan for collection of sounds.
Carapuna Dec 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Happy birthday! Fun cake 
happy birthday !
I don't get what it's for, the current 'pressed' effects (Webkit) are different to this (in look, as well as css).
Well, it's for Firefox support, but I agree the contrast effect looks ugly, but you could just use the drop shadow effect.
btw, the dock has an issue in Firefox when moving icons around.
There were some problems with positioning with things, so I just made sure it looks good on my Chromium, not other browsers (see my other comment)
I don't know why you had to drop support for non webkit browsers just for the reflection thing. I mean the reflection is using a non standard CSS property that shouldn't be used. You could just drop reflection support for non-webkit browsers. I mean that's what i hate the most about webkit, they implement something awesome, pretend it's CSS 3, then get users out of that.
Nah, I think you can do it with Firefox too actually.
For your mac online dock, you could make the pressed effect work on Firefox. Just search for "filters MDN".
I dropped support for non-Webkit browsers since things like reflection only work on new Webkit browsers (correct me if I'm wrong, BTW I could do it as another element with opacity but that would require much more code). I guess I could do the pressed thing, maybe not everything like reflection.
One element reflection for Firefox :
You can achieve something similar with IE or Old Opera.
Arkus83 Oct 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks for faving !! :D
Thanks for the donation ! :)
Firefox is staying default in Ubuntu 13.10 ! But Chromium might by default in 14.04... :(
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